With home prices continuing to rise, the idea of buying or even building your own home can seem like a distant dream. Home buyers are looking for alternative options that provide just the right amount of space they need while being mindful of their impact on the environment.

With these concerns at the top of our minds, we asked ourselves these questions:

  • With home prices rising and inventory decreasing, how can we build beautiful modern homes that don't break the bank?

  • What materials can we use to ensure that we are building strong, durable structures while reducing our impact on the environment?

  • Keeping sustainability in mind, is it possible to build an affordable environmentally-friendly home?

We sought out to solve this problem and the answer we found quickly became our passion -- Shipping Containers. The rigid construction, reduced building costs, and modern architecture designs that shipping containers provide make them the perfect building blocks for the types of homes that we've all been dreaming of.

MOD³ DESIGN specializes in the design and manufacturing of modern, cost-effective, and eco-friendly shipping container homes. Our homes will change the way that you've traditionally thought about home design.

Make your reservation for one of our beautiful homes and one of our design professionals will contact you to schedule a consultation to start building your very own MOD³!