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It's time to think outside the box and get into a cube... a MOD³




Modern Designs

To Suit Every Purpose

Whether you are planning on building a new home in the city or searching for that perfect little cabin for your plot of land in the peaceful desert of Southern Utah, our selection of beautifully designed homes provides options for every situation. Our MOD³ homes are designed and built using shipping containers and the finished product is a stunning, luxurious home that will rival the traditional stick-built design of all the other homes in your neighborhood.

Sleek Interiors

With Quality and Function in Mind

Don't let the size of these beauties fool you. A smaller space doesn't mean you can't still live like a king or queen. Our floor plans make the most of each layout to provide ample storage, cozy sleeping quarters, and open living spaces. Efficiency is also key in our chic modern homes, so we furnish our units with stylish energy-efficient kitchen appliances.

Customizable Options


Our selection of pre-designed models offers an assortment of floor plans that are dressed in high quality materials to satisfy your tastes in modern design. We do provide the option of changing the color and material of certain items such as cabinets and countertops, interior and exterior walls, and flooring. Reserve your MOD³ today and our design professional will go over all your options and answer any of your questions during your consultation.



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